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    Child Contact Agreements

    Relationship Breakdown and Child Contact Agreements

    When your relationship breaks down, it is not unusual for there to be anxiety around matters such as residency and shared parenting in respect of your child or children.

    That is why it is important to have a legally binding agreement that will outline how your child or children will be cared for, and which parent will have contact and when.

    In particular, if you are not having the regular child contact you would like.

    I can help guide and act for you through mediation or the legal process, to reach an agreement about child contact.

    Resolving Child Contact through Mediation:

    The welfare of your child or children is always the most important consideration in a court of law. But legal action is not the only way to resolve a child contact disagreement.

    Whenever possible, I encourage you to try mediation before going though the Court process. Mediation helps to open up discussion in a safe environment and can lead to a constructive agreement that is fair to all.

    It will also save you costly Court fees.

    Resolving Child Contact through the Court:

    When a Child Contact Order, Residence Order or a Prohibited and/or Specific Steps Order is required, I can help guide you through the legal process.

    What is the legal process for Child Contact?

    • Firstly, there will be a meeting either at your home, my office or a place of your choice.  I can hold evening/week-end appointments. I gather all the facts and information required for a Court application.
    • An officer from Cafcass will then be appointed who will interview you as parents – and the child or children if required – and report back to the Court with their recommendation for contact.
    • A Court hearing is arranged, whereby I act on your behalf to help negotiate contact for you and to represent you as a Mc Kenzie friend. Or, if needed I can organize a Barrister to represent you in court.
    • The Judge will help you compromise and ultimately make the final decision – a Court order will then be made.

    Why contact Mortlake Law & Mediation?

    No matter the reason for your separation or divorce, you will both be parents to your children for life.

    Where I can, I help you to avoid the unnecessary wrangling that can be disruptive to a child’s life, whether that is through mediation or skillful legal negotiation and representation.

    Important note re mediation

    If I am acting for you as your divorce lawyer, I personally cannot be your mediator despite being qualified to do so – a mediator has to be impartial. Therefore, as a member  of the Family Mediators Association, I can refer a fellow accredited insured mediator to you.

    If I am not yet acting for you as your divorce lawyer then I can help you with mediation. For further clarification – drop me an email or telephone 020 3935 9490.

    Flexible appointment times

    Appointments can be held between 9am and 7pm. My office is in East Sheen, SW London or I can meet you at any place of your choice.

    To book an appointment call 020 3935 9490