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    Commercial & Civil Mediation

    Increasingly disputing parties are looking to instructing an experienced and skilled mediator to help them settle their civil or commercial dispute.  Mediation provides a cost-effective, confidential and speedy means to achieve resolution.  Many of the parties that come to me have been caught up in their dispute for months, if not years, costing them valuable time and resources which could be much better spent elsewhere. Increasing court and legal costs mean that parties are unwilling to try their luck at trial where the shape and terms of the outcome are out of their hands.  Mediation offers parties a cost-effective, confidential method by which an independent third-party neutral helps the parties reach a form and shape of settlement which all parties can live with.  Mediation brings an element of control back to the parties who can decide whether or not to accept the negotiated settlement before them.  The settlement can take into account provisions or terms which a Court would be unable to award.  For example, the parties could decide to agree, as a term of their settlement, a new contractual relationship in lieu of the payment of damages or similar.  This is particularly valuable in situations where, for example, there is a relationship which the parties want to continue.
    I cover a wide range of subject matters and I am an expert at what I do .I use my extensive legal background of over 40 years from London and Singapore to assist clients in the speedy resolution of their dispute or the negotiation of a new deal.

    Business Mediation

    Business dispute resolution continues to look to experienced and effective mediators to help parties break the deadlock between warring parties but I also help settle disputes between non-commercial parties, including individuals, charities and those who do not have legal advice. I have experience of mediating most types of dispute from a boundary dispute between neighbours to large value disputes.  In my experience there is rarely a case which is too big, too complex or where the parties are too far apart (reasons often given for not mediating) which cannot be successfully mediated.

    I take a commercial approach to settlement of disputes and give plenty of time and effort to obtaining a negotiated settlement..  Please see below the type of disputes that I cover or get in touch to discuss the nature of your dispute.


    • Partnership and Shareholder
    • Property, Land and Real Estate
    • Project Mediation
    • Entertainment and Media
    • Commercial and Business
    • Costs mediation
    • Family Business, Trusts and Relationships
    • Inheritance, Wills and Probate
    • Professional Negligence
    • Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
    • Intellectual Property
    • Sport
    • Employment disputes
    • Family

    Do I have to use mediation or another form of ADR?

    The civil and commercial Courts continue to aim to make trial “a last resort” and impose financial penalties for those who don’t make efforts to settle their disagreements before trial, whether by mediation or another form of ADR.  The recent publication of the Civil Justice Council’s Final Report on ADR indicates that the Courts are likely to begin to take an even tougher approach to encouraging settlement between litigating parties.

    Can I use mediation where proceedings have not been issued?

    Although mediation has traditionally been considered in the context of litigation, it is not only disputes in which proceedings have been issued which are suitable for mediation.

    Do I need a lawyer to use mediation?

    It is not necessary to have instructed a legal advisor in order to use mediation as a means of settling a dispute. However, in my capacity as a Mediator I am not able to give legal advice so if you are unsure of your legal position it may assist you to seek legal advice so that you are better able to assess the pros and cons of the settlement agreement you will be making with the other side.

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