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    A Good Divorce Lawyer or Mediator When You Need It Most

    Divorce – whether it is your decision or not – can send you reeling.

    As emotions run high, rash decisions can get mistakenly made as questions race through your mind about your home, (your children if any) and the financial implications of divorce.

    That’s why it’s important that you firstly get professional advice that is clear, calm and constructive.

    The first steps to consider when facing divorce

    With my extensive experience in family law, I have seen too many cases in the courts, where tension escalates and huge costs get incurred that could have been avoided.

    That is why I qualified as a mediator alongside my legal practice. My first priority is to help you avoid a messy tangled situation where I can.

    Mediation – is it a possibility?

    If your situation is such, that you are on reasonable communication terms and both want to explore possibilities for as amicable a divorce as possible, then mediation may help you to explore better ways to reach mutual decisions for your future.

    Mediation will only work if both parties are prepared to communicate. If you feel this could be an option then this is where I can first help you. Family Mediation

    If however, mediation is not an option and you want to start divorce proceedings, this is how I can also help you. The Divorce Process – what happens?

    The financial cost of divorce

    Divorce is renowned for being costly with legal fees – but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are parts of the process that are easy to complete yourself with my guidance.

    Are you facing divorce?

    I can help you to make an informed decision as to whether you are best to file for divorce immediately, or consider mediation.

    Appointments are flexible – we can meet at your home, a conference centre or a place of your choice.

    The first step would be to give me a call 020 3935 9490 or complete the contact form and we can discuss your options.