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    Family Mediation

    Family Mediation for Separating Couples

    Where possible, I encourage separating couples to consider Mediation. It is a non-confrontational way to discuss matters such as finance or children where you need to reach agreement together.

    Mediation is confidential from any Court process. Therefore it is less stressful and far less costly than a Court hearing.

    When should you seek Mediation?

    You can seek Mediation at any stage of your separation or divorce where an agreement is needed. However, emotions usually run high during separation so earlier Mediation helps to avoid a situation where resentment has festered or points of view are entrenched.

    Both parties must be willing to take part in Mediation for it to be an effective process.

    Should you have any queries about this please email me or call 020 3935 9490 to discuss.

    Why seek Family Mediation?

    Attending Mediation enables the opportunity for discussion and concessions outside of the Court process.

    Often, issues surrounding Family Law may involve a lot of hurt, sensitivity or power imbalances –which can lead to communication difficulties when trying to reach an agreement.

    As a Mediator I remain neutral and will skilfully encourage dialogue to help you to explore options and negotiate with each other. This helps to open up avenues you may not seek by yourselves and means you are far more likely to reach an agreement.

    Plus you will not have the expense of costly court fees.

    What happens during Family Mediation?

    Each party will be spoken to before the first Mediation meeting takes place.

    Mediation takes place at a neutral place of your choice, or a venue can be arranged. As your Mediator I can mediate for both parties, or there can be joint  Mediators (FMA have members who are from a non-legal background; joint mediators can be men/women like most couples to even up the gender balance!)

    Before the process starts, the principles of Mediation will be thoroughly explained and priorities established regarding any pressing issues to be discussed first (often the child/children).

    You will then be required to sign an Agreement to Mediate.

    Mediation is not within the Court structure but it is still conducted within a legal framework therefore both parties would be expected to give full disclosure of their respective financial positions if applicable.This can be disclosed to the court should that be required but everything else is treated as confidential( “privileged”as lawyers like to say!)

    Children re not expected to participate in the Mediation process, but discussion can take will with the child or children using a specialist child mediator to discuss in a friendly helpful  way the issues that directly involve them to help reach an agreement suitable for all.

    To enquire about Family Mediation

    Please call 0203 935 9490 to discuss or complete the contact form here. 

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