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    Inheritance Tax

    Without careful planning and a great deal of pre-emptive action, its not uncommon for a family to face a large Inheritance Tax bill.

    The rate of Inheritance Tax is now 40% over the value of your estate above £325,000. Think about it – if you own a property in London or the South-East, on average, it will be worth more than £325,000  let alone all your other assets e.g cash, savings ,shares, pension, car, antiques, jewellery etc.

    I can review the value of your estate and recommend how you can mitigate this unfair tax. Its never too early nor too late to plan.

    Inheritance Tax advice:

    • The Main Exemptions both in your lifetime and on death
    • The effect of marriage or civil partnership or if your spouse or partner has passed away.
    • Business property relief
    • Trusts
    • The Family Home
    • Planning  after someone has died

    All this can be done from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

    So please don’t delay. Just call 020 3935 9490  to set up an appointment.