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    Richard Buxton Managing Director Mortlake Law & MediationIncreasingly, Mediation is seen as a preferable option to the traditional Court process. It helps to reach a constructive agreement that avoids legal wrangling and its associated high costs – and will be less stressful for all parties concerned.

    Is Mediation worth considering?

    Unnecessary conflict is rarely rewarding. In over 40 years in the legal profession, I have seen too many cases go through the Court process – in particular in family law – that really, should never have gone there. They could have been resolved in a far less costly and less antagonistic way. The only ‘winners’ tend to be the lawyers!

    Through Mortlake Law & Mediation, you have access to both mediation and legal services.

    Family Mediation

    Mediation FAQ’s

    Do you choose a Lawyer or Mediator?

    Mediation works when both parties are willing to take part. If this is not your situation then it may be that you need to start the legal process instead.

    Important note re mediation:
    If I am advising you, I personally cannot be your mediator despite being qualified to do so – a mediator has to be impartial.

    Therefore, as a member of Resolution, I can refer a fellow accredited insured mediator for you if I am already appointed as your adviser.
    Members of Resolution work in a collaborative way using a Code of Conduct which can work to resolve even the hardest cases.
    See of Practice

    If I am not yet advising you  then I can help you with mediation.

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