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    Boris Johnson and Divorce

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    Firstly let me congratulate Boris on his ascent to being our new Prime Minister. I wish him every success in the role.
    I hope Boris can follow the Duke of Grafton (1766-1768)in being our only previous P.M to have divorced and remarried while in office!
    Just look at the recent leaders who have divorced..Putin, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Trump and so on. It almost comes with the job. Highly stressful. Anyway Boris am always happy to give you some good legal advice!
    We probably demand and expect too much of our leaders.
    If Boris marries Carrie( a lovely lady from just near my office in East Sheen) that will be a celebrity marriage to excite us all and help the country to celebrate together.
    We might be heading for Brexit but one thing is for sure we must carry on doing business and trading, living in and working with all countries.The United Kingdom has always been a trading nation and will remain so..
    Lets all wish Boris and his new Governmentall the best of British in his on going battles ahead.

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