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    There are many FREE ways to get guidance, advice and support during a break-up, separation and divorce. I’ve set out below a list of organisations that you should find helpful for free information on all aspects of divorce, separation, parenting, money and benefits. I should like to make it clear that I have no connection with any of the websites listed (other than the Twickenham CAB where I was Honorary Family Legal Adviser for many years, FMA and Resolution).

    1.Lots of helpful information on Divorce

    This is the world’s largest online divorce community

    2.Sorting out separation – More useful advice

    This is a government site dealing with separating and divorcing it tells you what you need to do

    3.The Bar Council 

    A Guide to representing yourself in Court

    This is written by barristers and gives excellent information about acting as a litigant  in person

    4.Families need Fathers

    This site gives information advice and support to parents whose children’s relationship with them is under threat during or after divorce or separation.

    They have been awarded the new government kitemark of approval. It is not just for fathers.


    This deals with a whole host of different matters but fundamentally it’s written by parents for parents. It is very popular!

    6.Information on benefits and grants

    This site is not so well known and gives financial support to people to get back on track

    7.General advice

    This site takes the topics from the rest of the web to help you manage life’s legal problems step-by-step and is user friendly

    8.Shared Parenting Information Group (SPIG) UK

    This site promotes responsible shared parenting after separation or divorce

    9.Help with parenting plan arrangements

    This site offers bespoke workshops(or via Skype or Zoom) for parents to help them access the right specialist support and expert guidance helping you and your children

    10.Looking after children in a divorce

    This site offers a safe space online where separated parents can work out how they will support and care for their child. It is made up of two main parts being the Parenting Plan and Communicating Better with short videos and suggestions

    11.Money & Property when a relationship ends

    This is a government website that provides some useful basic information. It does not give specialist legal advice

    12.Benefit Calculator

    Again a government site that helps you calculate benefits. You are allowed to use this site on an anonymous basis.

    13.Entitled to Benefit Calculator

    This establishes what benefits you are entitled to and is a more independent site. You can get some accurate advice to print out at the end

    14.Support group for Separated Parents

    Helps parents sort out their separation in a child focused way


    Resolution’s 6500 members are family lawyers (like me) and other professionals committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.


    Relate is the largest provider of relationship support in the UK and last year they helped over 2 million people to strengthen their relationships

    17.Citizens Advice CAB

    A fantastic organisation formally known as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau CAB. There is a mid week free family law session which you can book for.

    Excellent resources and tools to help and give advice on all sorts of matters from benefits to health including family law, courts and work

    18.Representing yourself in Court

    This site gives excellent help and advice if you are brave enough to represent yourself in court. You will need to prepare well especially if the other side are represented by a barrister or solicitor who are trained and experienced

    19. McKenzie friend     

    A McKenzie friend can best be described as anyone who accompanies you to court to help you as a litigant in person. Please note such a person cannot speak for you or run the case for you but can take notes and give advice and questions to ask witnesses etc. They can provide moral support to you.

    20.The Family Mediators Association

    A superb independent site for Family Mediators. Their trainers are really first class and they are very supportive.

    Unnecessary conflict is rarely rewarding. In over 40 years in the legal profession, I have seen too many cases go through the Court process – in particular in family law – that really should never have gone there. They could have been resolved in a far less costly and less antagonistic way. The only ‘winners’ tend to be the lawyers!

    Through Mortlake Law & Mediation, you have access to both mediation and legal services. If you would like to talk to Richard about any concerns you have without obligation call 020 3935 9490 for a free initial consultation.

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