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    May Newsletter

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    Since my last newsletter, many of you have undoubtedly needed to adjust, so I do hope you and your families are staying safe and well.

    But if like me, you did not expect such a dramatic turn of events earlier in the year, you may have pondered across two very real realisations; the first is that our health is of most importance.

    And secondly, what can we ascribe actual certainty to in 2020? I must admit, I am delighted Richmond Rugby Club have been promoted to the Championship and I hope to look forward to some cracking matches in far-flung places like Cornwall and Jersey.

    Yet what matters most to many now, is to be reassured that the future of those we care about the most has been looked after. This is especially true if we wish to leave something behind in this world to say “Thank you”. You may also want to benefit your favourite charity or possibly the NHS Charities Together ( who support the work of more than 140 member charities. And, finally, should the worst happen, make sure that your wishes are in a safe and accessible place.

    So, I only have two topics this month:
    This is a brand-new service to put your minds at ease. And recipients of this newsletter can claim a discount! Essentially, what you need for yourself and to benefit your family are the following: –

    a) Will
    b) Lasting Power of Attorney(“LPA”)-Money and Property
    c) LPA Health and Welfare

    The purpose of the legal review
    To review any existing document and discuss with you any changes to ensure the document(s) are valid and effective.
    Because quite frankly, more and more wills are being challenged by contentious probate solicitors.


    It is imperative to check that your will was validly executed and ideally your witnesses are still available to give evidence if necessary, that they witnessed your signature and were not out in the kitchen making a cup of tea, say!
    I’m sure you will have a reassuring sense of certainty, if you can put your hands on these documents and let your nearest and dearest know what you have done with them.

    It is also vital to ensure the documents still reflect your wishes
    In the consultation or review we can discuss any changes you wish to make or effect a fresh Will or LPA.

    For instance, since 2017, we have the Net Residence Relief Band. This relief has gone up to £175,000 from this month. By simply leaving your home /property to a child or grandchild you could save a lot of money here.

    Request your Free Legal Review Consultation call before 30th May and secure your May discount. Limited availability at the Special Price of £75.
    If your net worth is over the £2 M bracket, it may not be worth doing, so consider my next offering…
    Now it’s only complicated because there is a lot of legalese, but it’s designed to save you inheritance tax.

    Working with the country’s leading specialist QC, I have available the Precedents on my laptop to suit particular circumstances and a carefully drawn will, resulting in a saving of inheritance tax. For example, every £100,000 of your net estate (above the two relevant bands), could benefit your family up to the extent of £40,000.

    Costs normally start from £500 and involve at least two consultations by phone or video call, however I’m offering a 20% discount with this newsletter for you and family members. You can refer a friend too.

    Complex wills can also be as a result of your circumstances
    This means a previous marriage with children, or foreign property or business /literary /digital assets.

    But whether it’s a simple will or complex will, you will require 2 witnesses and my fees can include supplying two witnesses including myself. I can even be authorised to sign on your behalf by careful bespoke drafting of the signature clause.

    Let me end by making one simple point. Don’t let the uncertainty stop you from putting your affairs in order. I am working relatively normally and can also meet via video conference calls. If you have financial challenges at present, we can even talk about how we can make an affordable service for you.

    Call (020) 3935 9490 to book a free consultation and claim your discount or book now to start your Complex Will Writing journey from just £399.00.
    So, don’t delay, call me on (020) 3935 9490 or (07541) 120113. Or email any time I will always ensure you get a fast and efficient service, with courtesy.

    Stay well and keep in touch!

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