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    Mediation over Co-habitants share in a property-TOLATA

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    When in London this last week I was asked by Solicitors to mediate in what is known in the trade as “TOLATA” standing for “Trusts of Land etc”.
    This involves dealing with tricky Chancery proceedings when former co-habitants cannot settle on who owns what share.
    Such proceedings are not for the faint hearted. They cost a fortune and take years.
    In my case the parties difference came to about £80,000 when we drilled down the figures, contributions, valuations, Declaration of Trust of part and so on.
    By concentrating on a “Win Win” we agreed the £80,000 could be put into a Trust for the parties daughter(aged 3) and then lent, interest free, to the Mother (the more vulnerable party with whom Daughter lived).
    Not ideal but certainly better than going through Tolata.
    Just wanted to share with you that by using my experience I can always find a solution using my knowledge and qualifications in law and Mediation.
    I can achieve a good settlement in private over just 3 hrs. If no settlement you can even have a refund!
    Call me now to book in a Mediation that will save you a fortune in legal fees.
    T.(+44) 203 935 9490-Richard Buxton LLB FMA

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