Representing yourself can be risky!

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It is tempting to seek to avoid legal fees and represent yourself. Beware the case of Mr Veluppillai, (“V”) who represented himself against his wife in divorce proceedings. Not only did V fail to save himself money but landed up with a costs order against him of £150k. The judge found his wife’s proposals eminently sensible. V caused there to be 30 court hearings and ended up assaulting his wife’s barrister and fled the country!

When you go to court it means engaging in a battle; starting a fight. Sometimes people lose perspective in their desire to win. However, there is no winner here. The bottom line is that thereis always less money available to divide between the separating couple at the end of the day and immense bad feeling between them.

Another approach is family mediation. In mediation we start from the place where separating couples say “It went wrong. We can’t put it right. But by blaming and punishing nothing is mended. Let’s work together to build workable futures for us both”.

Yes, this is hard work. But a lot less stressful than fighting and cheaper than the £150k that V will be handing over to his ex-wife’s lawyers.