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    The crazy costs of Divorce court proceedings

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    Just to show you again how mad the current adversarial system is just look at the case of Mr and Mrs Young! 6.5 million bill for Mrs Young’s legal costs. 65 court hearings spanning more than six years. 13 sets of lawyers hired by Mrs Young. 10,000 pages of court documents…. The list goes on
    What one sees from such a case is that what occurred was not child- focused. Parents in divorce cases made to reflect. It’s not just the money. It’s the misery caused to the parties and especially their children by couples at war.
    Mrs Young was awarded £20 million, but she is not happy. Had Mr & Mrs Young gone to mediation they would have saved themselves and their children not only the massive costs and misery, but have ended up with a decision that they could have lived with arrived at between themselves.

    The mediation would have been private informal confidential and out of the glare of the media. If the parties are prepared to compromise the mediator as facilitator can achieve so much.


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