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    I am proud to let readers know that one of my Nigerian gentleman clients has succeeded against the odds with some help from me!
    Initially it looked a very difficult case indeed. This is because my client’s daughter was in Nigeria for around a year.The daughter had been taken there by her mother telling the father based in the UK that they were going for 2 weeks holiday.
    Every week my client the father begged the mother to return to the UK but to no avail. One can imagine his anguish and upset. It seemed little I could do directly apart from give him some contacts such as the British Embassy in Nigeria and the Home Office.
    A few days later my client phoned me having discovered that the mother and his daughter had returned to England some 6 months ago! The client arranged to meet me last Monday 27th February. We completed the necessary court application and our client attended the High Court on Tuesday 28th February. Our client managed to get an ex parte hearing before the judge and a hearing date has been set for next week. Even better the judge ordered the police to confiscate all the passports held by the mother so she could not disappear with the daughter back to Nigeria! The daughter is a ward of court from the time the summons has been issued. This is part of the High Court inherent jurisdiction to safeguard children who are UK citizens. Such jurisdiction goes back centuries. The case continues…..

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