Specialist Family Lawyer and Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator

When you need a lawyer – you don’t just need any lawyer. You want to find one that has specific expertise in the area where you need help. Equally important is that you don’t find yourself pushed through the legal system – if your situation can be resolved outside of Court.

Family Law and Mediation Specialists 

Mortlake Law & Mediation support you with the expertise you need for:

Family Law

When you are facing separation or divorce a whole realm of practical and emotional issues can come into play surrounding children, finance and property.

Civil and Commercial Mediation 

Increasingly, Mediation is seen as a preferable option to the traditional Court process. It helps to reach a constructive agreement that avoids legal…

Employment and Workplace Disputes 

Sources of workplace conflict are many. The most common are personality clashes and warring egos… Find out more by clicking below.


Having an up to date and properly written Will is the only way to ensure that your money, property and possessions will be distributed according to your wishes.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

A harsh reality of life is that mental and physical incapacity can hit at any time. And whilst many of us are aware about making a Will…

General legal advice 

When you need a lawyer – you don’t just need any lawyer. You want to find one that has specific expertise in the area where you need help…

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Civil and Commercial Mediator & Family and Interpersonal Mediator – Saving You Unnecessary Stress and Costs

The Court process is not the only way to resolve a dispute.  As a fully Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator with the Society of Mediators and as a trained Family Mediator with FMA and Interpersonal Mediator with UK Mediation, I can help disputants to find a fair outcome through mediation – and avoid costly legal fees.

Flexible Appointments – 9am to 8pm Weekdays and Saturday mornings 9am-Noon.

When you appoint us – you deal directly with a qualified lawyer and mediator. We are located in East Sheen, Richmond upon Thames and  can meet you in our offices in Parkway House, your home, work or at a place of your choice.

A Personal, Local Lawyer and Mediation Service

You should contact us if you are looking for legal or mediation advice with any matters related to Civil or Commercial Law including Employment/Workplace disputes, Family Law, or are planning to make a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney.

Our clients typically live in SW London and need a lawyer or mediator located in and around, Barnes,  Mortlake, Kew, Roehampton, Sheen, Putney, Ham, Twickenham, Richmond upon Thames or the north Surrey borders.

Telephone 020 3935 9490 or send us an email and we will get in contact.

Members of Resolution – a group of Family Lawyers and Mediators who work in a collaborative way.

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