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    Family Law

    When you are facing separation or divorce a whole realm of practical and emotional issues can come into play surrounding children, finance and property.

    That is why you need to have full confidence in the authority of who you appoint to help you.

    At Mortlake Law and Mediation you have a professional with over 40 years legal experience and a fully accredited Civil, Family, Commercial and Interpersonal Mediator.

    Family Law – where we can help you


    Child Contact Agreements

    Financial Agreements

    Financial Dispute Resolution – Form E

    Property Disputes

    Relationship Agreements

    Being able to access legal services or mediation, helps you to make an informed choice. The specific expertise and negotiating skills I have will aim to calm and resolve your situation – not inflame it. Not all Family Law disputes need to end up in the Court room.

    However there is thankfully plenty of good advice and help. For example:

    This shows you in 3 videos what to expect in court and how to represent yourself and the use the help of McKenzie friends at a fraction of the cost of Solicitors.

    Flexible appointments  from 9am to 7pm weekdays

    When you appoint me – you deal directly with a qualified lawyer. I can see you in London either in Barnes or Mortlake or in West London at home or a private venue of your choice.

    Saving you unnecessary legal costs

    Not running an expensive office means I can keep fees extremely competitive. Where I can help you to minimize costs by completing certain tasks yourself, I will guide you.

    To discuss matters related to Family Law or Mediation telephone 020 3935 9490