Relationship Agreements

Richard BuxtonCurrently, if you cohabit with your partner, you may have no legal rights to claim against each other if the relationship breaks down.

A relationship agreement helps to clarify ownership and expectations between you. Its not necessarily legally watertight in comparison to marriage, but having a formal agreement in place can lessen complications should the relationship break down.

Why consider a Relationship Agreement?

  • If you are purchasing a property together
  • Financial v personal contribution – if one partner is bringing in the income and one partner is not working but looking after the home and domestic affairs
  • When an issue is of particular importance to you – there are no limits to what can be included in a Relationship Agreement

Mediation and Relationship Agreements

When you are not in agreement, mediation helps to open up discussion and all the options in a safe environment that will help you to conclude what is important and fair to both of you to help draft your Relationship Agreement.

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