About Richard Buxton LLB(Hons) Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator

I am Richard Buxton, the founder of Mortlake Law & Mediation. I was educated at St  Paul’s and graduated in law in 1974 before qualifying as a Family and Inter-Personal  Mediator in 2014 and then as a Civil & Commercial Mediator in 2019. 

I am proud to say I have over 40 years of private legal practice behind me (25 years as a Property Lawyer). I have also litigated in the High Court both in London and Singapore and practised as an Advocate. More recently I have specialized as a Mediator 

Richard Buxton

At Mortlake Law & Mediation I like my clients to have a sense of control over their situation. Legal intervention is not the only way forward when you face a dispute. Mediation can in some cases be fairer and reach a more pleasing conclusion in private. 

That is why I have qualified as an Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator and trained as a Family and Interpersonal Mediator.  As a client you can make an informed choice about the help you need. 

Our aim is to offer solid practical advice, through our unashamed level of legal experience, in a cost effective way – our hourly rate is only £150 (no vat)  per hour. I achieve this by running an office in local business centre and arranging legal services so that clients can complete certain tasks themselves – the simple tasks that many law firms charge an extortionate hourly rate for. 

For any legal concerns you are facing with regards to Family Law, Mediation,Wills or Lasting Power of Attorney, contact us by calling 0203 935 9490 or email us.

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